With The Uncertainty, Will I Be Able To Sell My House During The Coronavirus Pandemic in Reno?

Will I Be Able To Sell My House During The Coronavirus Pandemic in Reno?
The coronavirus hasn’t stopped everything, but it has changed us all.

It’s very hard to notice what’s going on with the coronavirus pandemic. Every time you happen to turn on the TV or even get onto social media, you see something related to the coronavirus. And if you were in some kind of difficult situation before this whole thing started, obviously, that same situation hasn’t changed in fact it has probably gotten worse. But with all that is going on, people have been asking us “will I be able to sell my house during the coronavirus pandemic in the Reno area?”. Even as everything is changing to the way we do things to maintain the social distancing or the shelter-in-place orders, we at Envy Property Solutions, LLC, are also changing and adapting to this pandemic. So let’s jump in to this article and get your questions answered.

Will I Be Able To Sell My House During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Yes. As of right now, people are still selling their houses. And even with a record number of people filing for unemployment all throughout the Reno area. People are still selling on both the traditional market and directly to home buying companies all over Nevada. And with most of us stuck in our homes, websites like Facebook and Zillow are reporting an increase in use.

How Are You Making It Easier To Sell My House?

During this pandemic we all have had to change and adapt. However, we are making sure that not only do we keep our staff safe, but we keep you safe from the virus. Check out this short video on how we are making things easier for you.

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Should I wait for the Coronavirus to be over before trying to sell my house?

This is difficult question to answer, because there is no one answer to it. If you had a difficult situation that was making you sell your house coming into this pandemic, that may not have gone away. Those problems are still there and they aren’t going away anytime soon. So the best answer that we can give you is, no! Right now is probably the best time to sell your house in the Reno area, especially if your situation is starting to make things worse on you. Many people are holding off because of the uncertainty with everything happening, however, there are still people out there who are ready to buy your house right now!

How To Sell My House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Contact A Home Buyer is The First Step. Why Not Contact Us? We're A Local And Reputable Home Buyer Ready To Help You

At Envy Property Solutions, LLC, our process is still the same as it has always been. But we have modified it a little bit, to make sure that we all in the Reno area stay safe during this crisis. We have made things more technology based so we can better serve you. For example, when you contact us we still use the phone to speak with you as we always have, but now we are doing our appointments with Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangout, or any other platform that you may use.

You can expect to get a cash offer for your home. But will the home buyer be pushy and force you into accepting? We won't.

Once we complete the virtual walk through, we’ll still give you a no-obligation cash offer. Now it will be via hellosign. All just as docusign, you can look over the contract and sign and it is emailed back to us that way we can get it over to the title company much faster.

When Selling To A Reputable Home Buyer, You'll Get The Cash You Need From Selling Your House Quickly

And as always, we close on your time frame. But what if you or your tenants need to stay in the home? We are very flexible in our process and will do whatever it takes to make it easy as possible for you to sell your house quickly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ready To Sell Your House?

If you have had to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, either from being infected or not being able to work or limiting your hours, we understand you need to sell your house now more than ever. That difficult situation you have been dealing with before all of this started may now be more pronounced, pushing you even more into selling your house. Our team understands what you are going through. We are here for you and are prepared to help you with any challenging situation you may be facing. Please reach out to us at any time at (775) 391-5236 or contact us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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