Who Buys Houses During The Coronavirus Crisis?

Who is buying houses during the coronavirus pandemic in the Reno area? This article walks you through finding cash buyers that is still buying here locally…

If you haven’t been completely locked down because of the coronavirus, you may have seen the “we buy houses in Reno” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… Or maybe you were at that point where you were needing to sell before the coronavirus pandemic happened and now you are not sure what to do… and now, you are wondering who buys houses during the coronavirus crisis in the Reno area?

We’ll dive into these questions here in this article… and don’t be afraid if you have other questions to let us know about them on our Contact page or comment at the bottom of this article anytime as well! We’ll be happy to answer them.

Selling Fast: Who Buys Houses During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

With all that is going on, selling your home in today’s real estate market, may have you thinking if it is even possible.

If you had an underlying situation before the pandemic, such as divorce, job loss, delinquent property taxes, a vacant home, or any other problems not mentioned here, this process can be especially difficult, and even more so because of coronavirus.

Luckily, there are ways for you as a Reno area homeowner to win! Selling to a professional home buying company can get you the cash that you need fast, while also taking your problematic property off your hands so you can move on from the difficult situation that has been stressing you out since before the pandemic.

Usually it will also relieve any pressures of making any repairs so you can sell your Reno area home as-is. Selling your house to the perfect cash buyer who is still buying during these unprecedented times can be a quick and easy process.

With all of that, Who buys houses during the coronavirus pandemic in the Reno area?

The answer to that question, cash buyers. Cash buyers will usually be investors (some locally based, like us here at Envy Property Solutions, LLC… and some based out of the area or state) whose goal is to create win-win situations and help homeowners like yourself, even more so during the current economic times.

Quick Tips to Remember When Looking For A Reputable Reno Area Home Buyer

  • Price it right
  • Be honest
  • Be flexible

Price it right – When selling to a cash buyer in the Reno area, keep in mind that they’re buying with cash, instead of using traditional financing… and they can close very quickly.  Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, We can buy your house in as little as 7 days from today if you wanted to sell that quickly… rather than having to wait 30 days to 9 months to sell your house the traditional “listing agent” route. This means that a professional home buyer won’t be able to pay as much as a retail buyer (someone living in the house) would.

This also means that you’re getting a quick/ hassle-free sale and cash in your pocket so you can move on with your life!  So don’t go into the process with expectations of getting the same price on a quick cash sale that closes in a matter of days or weeks that you’d get with an agent listing your house to find the ideal retail buyer for months and months and months.

Also consider in your pricing the fact that local cash home buyers like us here at Envy Property Solutions, LLC don’t charge any fees or commissions.  So consider that a savings right there!

Be honest – Always tell the truth when giving descriptions of repairs and values. An experienced cash buyer will do their homework, so tarnishing a relationship and potentially hindering a sale in the name of saving a few bucks, is never worth it. Just be honest with your buyer and they will work with you.

Be flexible – Cash home buyers in the Reno area can often come up with creative solutions to your problems. Be flexible, and willing to share and listen to make the best of your situation.

Sometimes after talking to many local Reno area house sellers we’ll find out that there are other options that make a lot more sense for them… rather than us buying their house. So, be flexible coming in and we’ll let you know what we feel are the best options for your situation. If it means us buying your house in a win-win transaction… great!  If it means you selling your house another way (or even finding a way to stay in your house)… great!

All we care is that you’re taken care of in the process especially during the coronavirus crisis. We have changed the way that we are doing things just to comply with the stay-at-home orders. That’s how we win so many long-term fans of Envy Property Solutions, LLC who end up referring their friends and family our way when they need to sell their Reno area houses fast too.

The bottom line is, regardless of how daunting the task of selling your home may appear, sometimes all it takes is finding out who are buying houses during the coronavirus crisis in the Reno area.

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