How to Avoid Spending a Fortune When Selling Your House in Reno

How to Avoid Spending a Fortune When Selling Your House in Reno, NV and the Surrounding Areas
You don’t need to spend a fortune when selling your home here in the Reno area

Are you thinking about selling your house, but you are concerned about the costs involved? Well, good news, because it’s still possible to present your home in the best light on a limited budget. However, when you list with a real estate agent, you must keep in mind that potential buyers will quickly review home photos online as they search through many different listings. So you will need to gain their interest at the very least before they take the time for a deeper look into your listing. 

So, are you ready to find out how to avoid spending a fortune when selling your house in Reno and the surrounding areas?

Cosmetic Fixes

You can begin by taking a look at your home from the street and considering the curb appeal. You want the home to appear inviting, so you should at the very least give the exterior of the house a good cleaning or even a new coat of paint. Freshening up paint and performing a slight makeover along with some old-fashioned elbow grease can attract buyers. And you might consider serious trimming of overgrown brush, keeping the lawn maintained, or possibly adding landscaping as well, especially if there is none. If your budget allows you to invest in any renovations, consider the kitchen and baths first. These minor fixes can add interest while you avoid spending a fortune when selling your house in Reno. Suppose you don’t have the physical or financial ability to do the work. If that is the case, a direct buyer from Envy Property Solutions, LLC can work with you and buy your home as-is for a price you agree is fair, with no out-of-pocket expenses before closing, and you even get to save the real estate commissions for yourself. 


You can take cost-free steps when you’re on a limited budget to avoid spending a fortune when you’re selling your house in Reno. The general idea behind staging is to remove all personal belongings, declutter and depersonalize the space, and create a neutral pallet with paint and furnishings. Don’t forget to add a few bright touches of interest for added appeal, such as pillows, paintings, or floral arrangements. When buyers can see items that identify the owners, such as photographs, this could hinder the ability of buyers to picture themselves living in your house. You could further improve the presentation of your home by renting storage space or asking a close friend or relative to borrow a few key pieces of furnishings. If you can’t afford to rent storage, consider asking for permission to store any excess boxes or furniture until you move to your new home, which will improve the odds. If the thought of dealing with showings is just too much to bear, consider skipping the hassles of staging and showings by selling directly to a professional investor from Envy Property Solutions, LLC.

Envy Property Solutions, LLC

Selling directly to Envy Property Solutions, LLC is the best way to avoid spending a fortune when you’re selling your house in Reno and the surrounding areas in Northern Nevada. At Envy Property Solutions, LLC, we save you time. There will be no waiting and no more worrying if or when your home will be sold. We guarantee your closing date, and we can do it in as little as a few days. If that’s too soon, don’t worry, will be happy to delay closing until you’re ready to go. One of our main focuses at Envy Property Solutions, LLC is we want you to feel confident that our offer is fair. We will go over the figures with you when they make you an offer. On top of this, at Envy Property Solutions, LLC we will detail the profits you would make if you list with a conventional real estate agent. Our goal is for you to make the most profit possible on the sale, even if that means you don’t work with us. Ready to start the process of selling your home? Call Envy Property Solutions, LLC today at (775) 391-5236 or send us a message today! You have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain.

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