4 Reasons to Explore Your Options When Selling Your House in Dayton, Nevada

4 Reasons to Explore Your Options When Selling Your House in Dayton, Nevada

There’s a lot to consider when you’re selling your home. For those considering trying on their own, you should be aware that out of all properties listed as an FSBO by the seller, only 11% are successful, and those that did sell earned an average of 26% less profit than if they’d worked with an agent. And that’s just one reason you should investigate every method of home sales before you take the plunge. If you’re considering selling, read these four reasons to explore your options when selling your house in Dayton, Nevada or the surrounding area.


For those willing to trade a little profit for convenience, such as when you trade in your car at the lot for a new one, a professional home buying company such as Envy Property Solutions, LLC can be your best solution. First, we provide you with the details on the expenses and your final profit by working with one of our professional investors. Then we’ll compare this to what you’d earn through a direct sale versus what you will make if you decide to list it. And we’ll also let you know that if it would be better to list the property rather than sell it to us. We do this at Envy Property Solutions, LLC because we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. Our goal at Envy Property Solutions, LLC is to help you decide what works best for you. Waiting out the Northern Nevada market to sell for the highest profit or sell now at a price you’ll agree is fair, which is another reason to explore your options when selling your house in Dayton.


Remaining in a state of readiness as you await the right buyer to come along can be inconvenient, not to mention packing everyone, including the dog, into the car and vacating your home at the drop of a hat. While your home may be new or like new, not everyone is willing to go through all the steps of the traditional selling process, and many would prefer to skip the open houses and showings because they don’t want strangers in their home, looking at their belongings. If you’re a landlord and have tenants at the property, then you’re aware of the resistance you can face regarding the subject of showings. Stress comes in many forms, and when you’re listing a property, the prep work is challenging; whether you do the work yourself or hire help, you’ll want to present your home in the best light. Unlike a traditional listing, you can skip all the hassles by selling directly to a professional home buyer like those at Envy Property Solutions, LLC. We buy homes in as-is condition with or without tenants, and even if they vacated in the middle of the night and left your property a mess.


A local home buying company has the power of cash backing their offer. When you work with a company that buys houses like Envy Property Solutions, LLC, as mentioned earlier, we buy homes as-is so you won’t have to worry about repairs, costly updates, or major renovations. In addition, there are no out-of-pocket expenses on your part, and we won’t charge any commissions. Plus, will even cover the closing costs. Selling directly to a local home buyer such as Envy Property Solutions, LLC, closing on your time schedule with a guaranteed closing date, typically within days or a couple of weeks, is another reason to explore your options when selling your house in Dayton. We can even work with you to delay the closing; just talk to us about a moving date that best suits you and your needs.

One Stop Fits All

The MLS best serves sellers with a property in ready-to-move-in condition; if your home falls into this category, a traditional agent may be preferable and if you don’t have one, we can recommend one for you to work with. At Envy Property Solutions, LLC, we’ll want to provide you with the best solution for your situation, and if that means listing with an agent, we’ll let you know. However, not all properties are a perfect fit for the MLS, and sometimes the best thing would be to sell directly to a home buying company. Either way, we are looking out for you and your best interest, which reaching out to us at Envy Property Solutions, LLC makes it an excellent reason to explore your options when selling your house in Dayton. 

When it’s time to sell, you can rely on the folks at Envy Property Solutions, LLC with absolutely no obligation, and we’re happy to answer any questions and address the concerns you may have about your circumstances. We are your neighbors who live and work alongside you here in Dayton and the surrounding area. We’re proud of our work helping our community solve problems while helping sellers earn the most returns possible on what may be the most significant investment of their lifetime, their home. Let the pros at Envy Property Solutions, LLC help you discover the most profitable selling method while meeting your needs. Call Envy Property Solutions, LLC at (775) 391-5236.

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