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4 Strategies for Handling Tenant Disputes as a Landlord in Reno

The system you use to screen potential tenants you will place in the property is as essential as finding the right location when investing in real estate to help you avoid the most difficult tenants. You should systematically investigate their background and financial and rental history and follow up with all references. It’s worth the … Continued

5 Things That Will Make You a Bad Landlord in Carson City

When searching for your investment property, you likely reviewed the numbers. However, these numbers reflected the existing property management’s commitment to their job. If you took on the landlord role and haven’t seen the same results, it may help to figure out where you’re going wrong. So read on as we explore five things that … Continued

3 Staggering Costs of Owning the Wrong House in Nevada

While there may be nothing wrong with your property, the traditional listing process can be a very long, complicated, or an extremely stressful process during the best of times. However, selling your house on the Northern Nevada market is not always the best method, especially when you’re under the pressures of time, finances, or personal … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Selling Your House Directly in Fernley

Listing your home for sale isn’t always the best choice, especially if your property isn’t well matched to the demands of the traditional real estate market. Unfortunately, if you have done any research, you have probably learned you won’t save yourself any time or money by listing on your own as it rarely works out … Continued

3 Things You Should Know About Inheriting Real Estate in Carson City

It may sound exciting to have inherited real estate. However, quite often, the reality of inheriting real estate from well-meaning loved ones or friends isn’t pleasant, rarely is the property pristine and free of debt. Therefore, it’s beneficial to consult an attorney and accountant experienced in real estate, whether you have inherited the property alone … Continued

Who Are The Cash For Houses Buyers in Dayton, Nevada?

So you may have noticed the “we buy houses” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… even in other cities here in Northern Nevada… so who are these cash for houses buyers in Dayton, Nevada?  Are they a legitimate company or are they just out to steal my property? How does it … Continued

The Easiest Way to Sell a House in Carson City When There are Multiple Owners

Multiple property owners multiply the complexities when it comes time to sell. However, you can mitigate misunderstandings, miscommunications, and missed opportunities to earn the highest possible profits by taking steps to keep the stress levels low which can prevent costly issues. When investors or family members enter into joint ownership, it’s best to do so … Continued

How to Sell Your House With Tenants in Reno

Exit strategies are necessary for the real estate investment business as a part of your overall strategy to realize the best returns on the investment when you purchase the property. Savvy investors, however, understand that they must maintain a constant vigil over the local market for upcoming changes or trends in real estate requiring an … Continued